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About Silverfox_360:
This community is dedicated to anything concerning Anderson Cooper, aka the silver fox of news. So any news, pictures, video’s, articles, art, macro's, fanfiction, etc., serious or silly, as long as it somehow involves Anderson, do share!

Silverfox_360 Community Rules:
- Be respectful, both to the people that are being discussed and to each other. So no bashing! Constructive criticism is fine, cruel comments and insults are not. And please, no trashy tabloid speculation.
- Place large images, or large amounts of images, long text, or material NSFW behind an lj-cut, please.
- For posting fanfiction, please post at least a header, a rating and a disclaimer before the lj-cut or link.
- When posting a new entry, please don't go overboard snazzying up your text to make it more eye-catching. Canary yellow and handwritten fonts and bold italics don't make things easier to read.